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In 2015 we rebranded MTV International, radically changing the way the brand behaves. We moved from the historic I WANT MY MTV to I AM MY MTV.



We felt it was time to re-open the logo and allow artists and designers to once again be able to create their own versions. For the first time in MTV´s history we created a unified 3D model to handle collaborators. The design process was focused on capturing the concept behind the original MTV logo by Manhattan Design (Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky and Patti Rogoff). 



We redesigned the way the art breaks work. On one hand we wanted to give the audience the chance to create their own and we launched MTV Bump, a platform containing different tools to create idents online that go on-air almost instantly.


On the other hand we went back to young and upcoming artists, giving them total freedom to express their vision of the brand, generating a bigger and faster collection of art breaks. For the first time we also decided to credit the artists in their creations. 

“MTV is still in the game… paying massive attention to the sorts of visual cultures and shorter content that would appeal to a younger audience.” - VICE Motherboard
“The soundtrack of our lives is about to shift into a different key.  MTV International is turning its focus to the audience and emerging artists.” - Fast Company


Traditionally, TV networks and lots of brand have style-guides that define how a brand should look like. We wanted the identity of MTV to be dynamic, always-changing, so we instead of a style-guide we created an online toolbox that contains a visual territory for MTV.  The toolbox is constantly populated with different types of assets that our internal teams and collaborators can use to create their own materials. The toolbox lives online and is continuously built by the MTV creative community. This allows MTV to have a flexible but consistent brand voice.

“MTV’s re-imagination will bring it to the forefront”
Dancing Astronaut 

“Brilliantly bonkers…bold.”
Creative Review